The Bike dump is a volunteer-run community bicycle education space. We offer:

We strive:

  • To make cycling – and bicycle repair knowledge – accessible to everyone
  • To organize ourselves transparently, democratically, and non-hierarchically
  • To offer creative alternatives to auto dependency and its consequences (urban sprawl, lack of exercise, lack of community, crappy t.v. commercials, and so on)

We appreciate:

Open Shop Hours (Summer 2015)

Sunday 1-4pm (open holidays)
Monday 6-9pm Women + Queer identifying only (closed on holidays/long weekends)
Tuesday 6-9pm

2015 Autumn WORKSHOPS

We hold hands-on workshops on a variety of bike-related topics. Workshops are FREE and don’t require prior registration unless noted.

October 21st – Gears Workshop – Come learn about shifters, gears and derailleurs!


We are at the back of the Red Road Lodge at the corner of Logan and Main street.  Look for the courtyard at the Southeast corner of the building.

You’re best off looking at THE MAP.

Feel free to contact us by email or join our Facebook Group where volunteers and Bike Dump patrons can answer questions you might have.

However, first check out our FAQ’s on the Contact page.
You may have your questions answered there.

See you at the Bike Dump!