NOTICE: Our working alone policy states that “Volunteers will not open up or do bicycle work at the shop alone.”

NOTICE: We will not help repair any bicycles that have been completely spray-painted over, that have their serial numbers ground off, or that have any other indicators that the bike may be stolen. Thank you for your understanding!


The Bike Dump is a volunteer-run community bicycle education space. We offer:

  • Tools and space to fix your bike The Bike Dump is a volunteer-run community bicycle education space. We offer:
  • A stock of recycled bike frames and parts from which to build yourself a bike
  • Volunteers to help guide you through repairs, or with a bike-building project
  • Refurbished, recycled bicycles for sale on a sliding scale
  • Bicycle repair workshops

We strive:

  • To make cycling – and bicycle repair knowledge – accessible to everyone by working to reduce social, knowledge, and economic based barriers
  • To organize ourselves transparently, democratically, and non-hierarchically
  • To offer creative alternatives to auto dependency and its consequences (urban sprawl, lack of exercise, lack of community, crappy t.v. commercials, and so on)

We appreciate:


We are at the back of the Red Road Lodge (631 Main) at the corner of Logan and Main street.  Look for the courtyard at the South-East corner of the building.

You’re best off looking at THE MAP.

Feel free to contact us by email or post on our Facebook Page where volunteers and Bike Dump patrons can answer questions you might have.

However, first check out our FAQs on our contact page, as you may have your questions answered there.