Bikes For Sale

Bikes For Sale

At most times the Bike Dump has a small stock of refurbished bicycles for sale on a sliding scale. “Sliding scale” means prices are adjustable based on what is affordable for you.

Proceeds from these bike sales help to cover our expenses and fund programming.

How much do they cost?

Suggested prices range from $60 upwards based on the quality and condition of the bike. Remember that a volunteer mechanic has spent 1-3 hours fixing each of these bikes and many include new parts.

What quality are these bikes?

All bikes are used, some are old, and they usually show signs of wear. All bikes are repaired and double-checked by an experienced mechanic before being put up for sale. Often bikes have some new parts like cables, brake pads and chain. Occasionally we might miss something, and because these are old bikes, break-downs do happen. Reliability is usually as good or better than new bikes from big box stores, but not as good as bikes for sale at a specialty bicycle shop.

Can I buy a non-fixed up bicycle or frame?

Yes. If you would like to take a non-fixed up bike or frame to repair on you own time, and have the financial ability, we encourage a monetary donation.

Can you build/fix a bike for me if I pay you?

Sorry, no. But if you’re willing to learn, and to get your hands dirty, you can always help us build a bike!