Build-a-Bike note: not being offered at this time

Build-a-Bike Program

Visitors to the Bike Dump are often in need of a bike and prefer to build their own rather than buying one because of affordability or simply because they prefer to do it themselves!.

Building your own bike is a fantastic way to empower yourself with the skills and know-how to maintain your bike,and gives an opportunity to tailor the bike to your specific needs!

When can I build-a-bike?

Bike builds are done during regular open shop hours, but because of high demand and limited availability of both shop space and volunteers, it may not always be possible to start a bike build most days during the summer.

Can anyone build-a-bike at the Bike Dump?

Yes! You just need to be willing to learn and get your hands dirty. Kids and youth need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

How long does it take to build a bike?

Anywhere from 2-12 hours depending on how much work the bike you choose needs, your mechanical skills, and volunteer availability.

Can I build more than 1 bike?

Sort of. If you need to build an additional bike in a season, we ask that you build a bike for the Bike Dump first.

Can I leave the bike at the Bike Dump until I’m done?

Yes. If your project goes without being worked on for more than 30 days though, we will remove your name and return the bike to the stock of available bikes.

How much does it cost to build-a-bike?

Donations for parts used are appreciated. If new parts like cables are needed, these are available for a low cost from us. If you do not own a good lock, we strongly encourage you buy one from us or from a bike shop.