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Feel free to contacts us where volunteers can answer questions you might have. First check out our FAQs as you may have your questions answered. We don’t have a phone, so if your question isn’t answered below, you can reach us via:

  • Send us a message on Facebook
  • Email us at
  • In person! Come on by during our open-hours


Are you open?

Unfortunately no, we are not open for patrons right now due to Covid 19. This includes appointments and donations. We encourage you to visit the WRENCH for bike repair. Their open shop is 12-5:30 pm on Thursdays at 1057 Logan.

Are you open in the Winter?

Yup, we’re open all year long, with the same hours.

Are you open on Holidays?

If the holiday falls on a Sunday we are usually open if we can find enough volunteers. Mondays of long weekends we are closed.

I don’t know anything about fixing bikes, can you still help me?

Certainly! Come on down, and we’ll get you up and running.

Will you fix my bike for me?

No, we won’t fix it for you. But, you’re welcome to come into our space, use our tools, and get help from a volunteer mechanic to fix your own bike. That help and those tools, plus any replacement parts used are provided to you by the Bike Dump in exchange, hopefully, for a donation.

Will you fix it for me if I donate money or parts as trade?

I’m afraid not, sorry.

Can I trade in a bike (or two) that doesn’t fit me properly for one that does?

No. Concerns over people trying to “launder” stolen bikes has made us take on a strict policy against trades. You are still however, free to build yourself a bike that fits you by donation.

How does the waiting list work?

During the busy summer months we have a waiting list for each open shop day. We try to serve people in the order they arrive, except that we may sometimes prioritize very simple repairs (inflate a tire), or decide that we have limited capacity for new bike builds.

When can I drop off donations of bikes and bike parts?

You can drop stuff off any time we’re open, or during our ‘volunteer-only’ hours, which are Thursdays 6:30-9pm. During the day it’s not uncommon for there to be someone working there who could accept them as well, but it’s just as likely that the gate will be locked, and it’s best if donations are not left in the parking lot beside the shop, since it belongs to a private owner.

I work for a community centre/school/other organization and would like to bring a bunch of kids down to work on bikes, can I do that during the open hours?

Unfortunately, we sometimes only have the capacity to help as few as four people at once during our open hours, so if you bring several kids down, we won’t be able to help anyone else who drops in. We love working with kids, but please limit the number you bring to one or two each day we’re open so that others have a chance to use the space. Make sure to arrive early too, as we take people on a first-come first-served basis.

Can we set up a separate time that a whole bunch of kids could come down and work on bikes?

We are open to and interested in this, but regrettably, probably not. We get a lot of requests for this, and our volunteer capacity is generally pretty maxed out.

If it’s more than a one-time thing, we probably can’t do it unless the mechanics running it are paid a living hourly wage, and even then, it depends on how busy we happen to be at the given time of year. Feel free to write in with a proposal though.

For more of that sort of kids-and-bikes thing, you might also want to contact The WRENCH, their email address is:

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